Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Late with the Assignment

I was scheduled to be in Memphis, TN June 20-21 for work, which meant I was going to miss Class 8.  So I was a little lazy with my creative pictures, figuring I had an extra week to get them done.  Unfortunately Delta decided to cancel my flight last minute, then run me between Newark and Laguardia with promises of a flight.  In the end I made a full circle and ended Monday night back home in NJ.  Great part about the cancelled flight was I made Class 8 on Tuesday, but without my Creative Pictures.  But that doesn't mean I left my camera in its bag all week.  While in Belmar, NJ Friday night, I looked up and saw an amazing red moon.  So I grabbed my camera and tripod and headed to the beach.  Only to discover the moon slipped through the clouds and came back white.  But that didn't stop me from messing around with my camera settings.  Here are the best pictures I think I captured. 

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