Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Assignment #6

For this weeks assignment I kinda messed up.  We were suppose to put our mode into Aperture or Speed - then adjust the Exposure Compensation to either overexpose or underexpose.  For some reason I forgot that when you're in Aperture or Speed mode - the camera automatically adjusts the opposite setting so you have the correct setting - why is why you have the Exposure Compensation.  So I skipped the Exposure Compensation mode and did all of my pictures in Manual Mode so I could view the light meter and make the adjustment on my own.  I'll do better next time.....
We had to take about 7 pictures of white overexposed and 7 back underexposed.  I'll save you from all the pics and just post a few.

White - Overexposed at 1 1/3

Black - Underexposed at 1 1/3

Now for our Creative pictures.  We had to take 5 pictures from our neighborhood.


  1. I like your neighborhood, some cool characters and sights....really enjoying the blog.

  2. Looks like some of your neighborhood picture are a bit underexposed.

    Also, What is the focal point of the chicken store? I think it should be the people but you didn't quite get there!

  3. Are you talking about the Fire Escape picture when commenting about the underexposed pictures? That one is suppose to be. I was messing around with my light meter to get a dark black out of the fire escape.

    As for the chicken store....its suppose to be the people. I need to work on pictures with strangers. I get nervous that they'll say something so I grab it quick and it never turns out great.