Monday, June 6, 2011

Assignment #5

This week we worked on our shutter speed.  This one was a little difficult because I needed a volunteer.  Thankfully I was able to twist the arm of a Belmar beach house friend.  Considering I didn't really sell the experience, she was a really good sport.

Stop Action
- I set my camera on a tripod and took pictures of Crystal going by on a bike at multiple shutter speeds.

Shutter Speed 1/30

Shutter speed 1/60
Shutter Speed 1/125

Shutter Speed 1/250

Shutter Speed 1/500

Shutter Speed 1/1000
Now for a couple of fun ones.....
(after taking this one, I really started to crave a bigger zoom lens)

- If you remember from my Assignment #5 post, there are two types of blur.  I'll start with Static Blur, then move to Panning Blur

Static Blur

Shutter Speed 1/ 125

Shutter Speed 1/ 60

Shutter Speed 1/30

Shutter Speed 1/ 15

Shutter Speed 1/8

I was also suppose to take a picture with Shutter Speed 1/4....but somehow I forgot.  Oops!

Now a few fun ones!

Panning Blur
Shutter Speed 1/30

Shutter Speed 1/ 15

Shutter Speed 1/8

Shutter Speed 1/4

Shutter Speed 1/2
Shutter Speed 1

Now a quick fun one

Next we had to communicate an idea.  This one was a little tricky.  For the next couple of weeks he's going to give us a word and/or phrase and we need to capture in a picture......ugh.

- Portrait of a loved one without them in it

- As time goes by

- Urban jungle

- Will this ever end?
Seriously when will it end??!!


  1. Love it. Great shutter speed pics, but my favorites are the water fountain and "Will this ever end?" Ha!

  2. Great job with the panning shot. You really captured the concept brilliantly.