Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Class #8

RAW Workflow Procedure 

This week we discussed taking pictures in RAW format.  A RAW file is the pure, unprocessed data recorded directly as it leaves the chip.  A RAW file is not a picture, but a record of the data your camera is recording....information that jpeg destroys.  The file includes the entire range of light the chip gathers, adjustments to exposure, brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, shadows and more.

To edit and work with RAW files, you'll need software that will process the RAW files into picture files.  My instructor loves and recommended Lightroom from  Adobe.  You're camera will likely come with a software.....but I believe the controls and ability to edit the files will be limited.  Two other options are Capture One from PhaseOne and Aperture from Apple.

Another benefit of Lightroom is its a file database.  So you can add Key words to your pictures, and instead of searching through multiple files later to find a picture, all you have to do is search with your Key word.

Other benefits of keeps all your changes in a catalog - so you're never actually altering your original picture.  So when you're in the Developo Module changing the color balance, exposure, tonal graduation, hue, saturation, contract, etc.....  The changes are kept in a separate file (xmp).

I went ahead and purchased Lightroom and a guide book....wish me luck!

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