Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Day of Class! Part 2

I realized that if you guys are going to learn from my Blog, I should provide a little more detail/explanation from the topics covered in class.  I didn't do such a great job with the Six Qualities of Light.  So I'm going to try this again.....

First - Our instructor keeps repeating something along the lines of......"As a photographer, we're taking a 3D image and capturing in 2D.  Our job is to try and create depth in the picture."  This is what I'm trying to think every time I take a picture.

- By determining how much light there is, you can set the mood of the picture and create the "key" of the photo.

- Front lit objects create a very flat picture because there are now shadows.  It is very difficult to make a front lit object interesting because there is no depth.
- Side lit objects create textures through the highlights and shadows.
- Back lit objects throws a shadow to the viewer which can create depth

- Not sure this requires much explanation.  But usually you'll have COOL/WARM colors as the sun is rising and setting and NEUTRAL colors in the middle of the day.  As the day/color changes, it can set a different mood to your picture.

- High Contrast - this creates a heavy shadow and can almost black out/outline the subject of the photo.
- Low Contrast - no shadows which can make an object look flat

- Think Bright Sunny Day.  In this light you'll want to capture dull objects.  This will allow you to capture the hard shadows of the object and create depth and texture.  If you took a picture of a shiny object, it will wash out the picture.

- Think Cloudy Day.  In this light you'll want to capture shiny objects.  The diffused/dull light will cast soft shadows and broad highlights that will bring out the depth of a shiny object.  But for a dull object, it will make it look flat.

Hopefully this was a little more helpful than my first post.....I'm learning.

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