Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Assignment #4

For this weeks assignment we experimented with our f-stop and ISO of our cameras.  This required taking a series of pictures, holding the same frame, and adjusting our f-stop or ISO with each picture.  For the f-stop test, we were trying to determine when our camera put everything into focus.  For ISO, we needed to find at what number the "noise" was too loud.  I'll only post a few of my pictures.....since they are all pretty much the same scene.

1. Series of pictures with a variety of apertures - with Camera mode set to Aperture-Priority and lens at 35mm.
     a. At 3' from camera
Here my f-stop is set at 5.6.  I went all the way up to 32.  I found that at f-stop 11, everything was pretty much in focus and I probably don't need to go all the way to 32 to have complete focus.

     b. At 15' from camera
Again - I'm at f-stop 5.6.  You'll notice that since I stepped away from my main object in the picture, everything is pretty much in focus.

     c. Picture w/ Min Depth of Field

     d. Picture with Max Depth of field

2.  Series of pictures with a variety of ISO settings - with Camera mode set to Programmed Auto.
- Its hard to see in these pictures, but in class the pictures were blown up.  As my ISO increased - you could see "noise" in my pictures.  They were more grainy and edges lost their sharpness.  When we zoomed in, I started to experience a lot of "noise" around ISO 800.  He suggested we make a few prints and see how the pictures develop to determine when the "noise" causes issues with the picture.  Apparently the application Light Room is able to eliminate a lot of the "noise".  Still not sure if I want to buy the application.....we'll see.

     a. First we took pictures outside.....

     b. Then we took pictures inside.....

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