Sunday, May 1, 2011

Class Structure

Our instructor provided a Structure/Syllabus for our 12 week class.  Thought I'd share so it gave you some idea of what we'll be covering and might help you think of possible questions.  I've already received a couple of questions from Gerry, so if there are more let me know.

Adult Digital Storytelling Class Structure
1. Six Qualities of Light: Where it all begins
    The chip, formats, why your pictures suck, etc

2. Composition: The Journey of the Eye
    Raw files

3. The Lens 1: Depth
    Manual exposure: ISO, F-Stop and Shutter Speeds

4. The Lens 2: Dept
    ISO Test

5. The Shutter: Time
    Visual Communication Assignment (VCA)

6. The Picture Story: Creating Visual Narrative
    (VCA) Your Neighborhood

7. Color: Mood and Fidelity

8. Raw Workflow and Archiving: Get it right and make it last
    Notes on book design

9. Flash: Moving beyond illumination

10. People: Capturing character

11. Final picture story books due

We have a field trip the weekend of June 25.  Unfortunately that is also the same weekend I'll be in AC for Dave Matthews Band.  He said he'd figure something else out for me.  Also, we have off July 5th, so I guess it's really a 11 week class.

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